9 Reasons you will sleep better on an Adjustable Bed

9 Reasons you will sleep better on an Adjustable Bed

Do you experience waking up once or even several times during the night? Perhaps you wake up sore or simply struggle to find a truly comfortable position?

An Adjustable Bed offers so much more (literally 100s of bespoke positions) than your flat bed and your opportunity to find a (or several) position that is SO much better for you, or for your partner, so you sleep better too!

No longer just for 'old people' or those with impaired mobility. Adjustable Beds can make a huge difference to all and often for a similar price or even less than an over engineered 'standard' Mattress and Base ensemble. 

Here are nine reasons an Adjustable Bed may well be the way to go for you/you and your partner. Like the positions you can adjust to, there are a lot more than nine...

1. Taking pressure off your lower back/sciatic nerve/hips - through raising the foot end of the bed, often in conjunction with some lift at the head end (such as the Zero Gravity one push position). You may find sleeping on your back is now a viable option. 

2. Improved breathing, reduce snoring and help with sleep apnea. Raising the head end of the bed (from a little to substantial - unique to your body/requirements) helps to open the upper airways and makes for easier/quieter breathing

3. Elevated head end to also reduce the load on your shoulder joints - relief to rotator cuff issues, frozen shoulder, general stiffness

4. Raising the head end right up (all the way up to 78°) can make it much easier to get out of bed in the morning

5. Elevating the head end (normally with a little at the foot end so you don't feel like you are going to slip down) for reading or watching TV (perhaps your phone, but not recommended as a good pre-sleep activity) is a comfortable position with less pressure on your neck

6. Raising the foot end for circulation. When lying flat there is impeded return of blood to the heart (normally 'pumped' by working muscles), some elevation as you well know, helps with venous return and reduces swelling of the feet/ankles/knees

7. For recovery from physical activity. Same reason as above, enhance circulation to help with repair of muscle tissue and reduce stiffness/soreness after that long run or an hour or two in the garden 

8. Elevating the head end to reduce reflux and/or heart burn (especially post a rich dinner and vino or two!)

9. Reduce pressure points for more comfort. Rather than been stuck with one feel the whole night... a few positions changes (any of the above) can help relieve pressure on your joints (hips, shoulders being key ones) and increase your overall comfort, leaving you and your body more relaxed

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