Warranty, Refunds, Returns

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Please refer to this page for all information pertaining to warranty, refunds and returns. If you have any other questions please refer to our FAQ page or contact us directly.



At Napp we want you to be able to shop with us with complete confidence.  It is for that reason we offer a clear transparent return and refund policy.  
We honour our obligations under Australian Consumer Law.  Items found to be faulty will be repaired, replaced or refunded (the original value of the item).

Please contact us directly with any issues you may have and offer us the chance to find a suitable remedy for you.  We have close contact relationships
with our suppliers and want to help you.


100 Night Sleep-Easy Guarantee

We offer a 100 night Sleep Easy Guarantee

Sleep easy, safe in the knowledge that there is no risk when you order a new, Made in Australia, Napp Mattress.

Designed for Aussies with technologically leading materials for comfort, support and temperature control - we back our Medium feel Napp Mattress 100%.

Most love the Napp straight away. Your body may take a few days, or perhaps a few weeks to adjust if you have been using a very firm mattress or a mattress that has given you poor support.


If you are having any issues and suspect it may be a warranty claim, please call or email us to discuss -bridgetb@nappbeds.com.au

To enable an easier claim please have the following information readily available.

1. Order Number,
2. Current Address
3. Contact Number or Email Address
4. Clear images of the affected product and product label
5. Summary or description of the concern, even video images can be helpful if it's easier.

Manufacturing warranty on our Mattresses

Manufacturing warranty on Protect-a-bed Bamboo Jersey Mattress Protector

If you have any furhter questions please refer to our FAQ page or contact us directly.


Trial our Australian Made Napp Mattress for 100 nights in your own home. If it's not for you, we'll refund your money and arrange to pick it up.