The Split Linen Bundle
The Split Linen Bundle
The Split Linen Bundle
The Split Linen Bundle
The Split Linen Bundle

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The Split Linen Bundle

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Color:White Eco Cotton


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The linen you need to get started with your new Split Adjustable Bed:

A pair of Mattress Protectors

Premium Mattress Protectors without the Premium price tag! 

When you buy a new mattress, you need to protect the mattress from you. When you have an older mattress, you need to protect yourself from the mattress! 

Buying a new mattress is a big investment, one that you don’t want to be doing regularly, for the sake of your sanity and your wallet.

A quality assured Protect-A-Bed® mattress protector is like an insurance policy for your mattress.

What are the key features of each protector?

Protect-a-bed Babmboo Mattress Protector- Cool, Soft Sleep. Tencel waterproof surface. Fits well with skirt, repellant against, dust, allergens, mould & bacteria. 5 year Warranty

+ Bambi Sheets

The Bambi Sheet is a unique style of 'Butterfly' sheeting specifically for Split Adjustable Beds, designed by Napp and made in Australia by Bambi 

It helps to keep your Split Mattresses together, no more slipping down the gap!

The Sheet Set includes:  Bambi Fitted Butterfly Sheet, Flat Top Sheet and Pair of Pillowcases in luxury pure Eco Cotton,  in your choice of white or silver.

Absolutely perfect for couples that like to cuddle.

It covers the Split in the middle third (the non-moving part) of the Split Adjustable Bed

It is easier to make the bed with a Bambi sheet than with separate fitted sheets

Bambi’s Eco touch cotton sheets are 100% cotton, 500 thread count made from a soft luxurious cotton sateen in your choice of white or silver.

The Butterfly Sheet Set also includes a Flat Sheet. and two luxury pillowcases. 

With Bambi sheets you and your partner will love your Split Adjustable Bed even more!