A H Beard Enrich - Split Adjustable Bed
Split King Enrich Base with Napp Original Mattresses - Headboard & accessories not included

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A H Beard Enrich - Split Adjustable Bed

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All Napp Adjustable Beds include the Napp Mattress/es

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Sleep better and improve your health on a Napp Adjustable Bed - the ENRICH Ensemble, quite simply, is the ultimate bed for specific back support for your back.

The ENRICH offers all the benefits of the highly featured, 5 Star Rated INVIGORATE, plus the ultimate in specific support for your back via remote control adjustment of the Lumbar area. Now, you can have the best of both worlds... pressure relieving comfort and superb support!

The section of the base that is below your lower-mid back is where the adjustment occurs. Via the remote control, an upward curve is created, this can be as little as just a cm or two, or right through to 15cm elevation. You would obviously adjust to what feels best for your back. Some customers use the full curve for a while when they first get into bed to create a stretch for the lower back and then change to a more moderate position for sleeping.

The lumbar adjustment can be created no matter where you have the rest of the bed, i.e. If the head and/or foot end was also raised. On the Split models, the level of extra support is specific to each side.

Save $1000s on the ENRICH combined with Australian made Napp Mattress, made for Adjustable Beds - Choose either the Napp Original mattress which includes Gel Infused Memory Foam and Hygroflex 'cool' Foam for the perfect level of pressure point relief and support OR you can choose from our Prestige Hybrid Range, which incorporates a pocket spring together with the Hygroflex cool Foam, available in Plush, Medium or Firm feels & specifically designed for Adjustable Beds. 

Our mattresses are unique to Napp Beds & Australian Made

*Headboard, accessories etc. in photos not included

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Queen Enrich with Napp Mattress

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Split Super King Enrich with Napp Mattress