This adjustable bed is only $5000 what is wrong with it?

This adjustable bed is only $5000 what is wrong with it?

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This was an actual quote from a customer  & its a question we get asked quite often, 'how come you guys are so much cheaper'?

Here are seven key reasons why - we want to give you a heads up, be transparent and I can assure you it certainly isn't anything to do with our product quality! 


In fact our Adjustable Bed with Australian Made Premium Memory Foam Mattress is usually better then the mattresses our competitors are offering for sometimes one, two or even four thousand dollars more.

1.  Our pricing model. We are totally upfront with our prices.  Whether you are James in the Central Coast or Sarah in Bankstown you can see our prices clearly, order easily and know you are getting a great deal with free delivery (within NSW).  In other words, no hard sell process with hidden pricing.


2.  Lower overheads.  Napp is an online model, so we save heaps not having the overheads of retail stores throughout NSW, or need to employ commission based sales people.

3.  Marketing.  Because we have a great product at a great price we don't need to spend millions (literally) on advertising.  Unlike many of the slick operators out there we don't need to fool you into believing its a great product, that's made in Australia at a reasonable price. We offer you nothing but the truth.

4.  Simplicity.  We keep it simple and have one key Mattress (backed up by a 100 Night Sleep Easy Guarantee so you sleep even better).  We know that the vast majority of our customers love the Australian Made Medium feel mattress for both support and comfort.  Buying hundreds of the same Mattress means that we buy better and you get more for your well earned dollar too.

5.  Family Business.  We are an Australian/NZ family owned business, how does this save you money?  Simply because we really do care about improving the sleep and comfort of Australians and Kiwis alike with a great product at a great price.  The offshore online operators (almost all of them) who have a  100% imported product are all about the profit.

6.  Packaging.  Our packaging is economical.  Better for the environment and once again, our concise packaging  (specially made Australian Boxes for our compressed Napp Mattresses) lowers the cost of freight, our saving is your saving.  

7. BIG SALES.  No thanks, how does this save you money?  Because we don't do the 'typical bed sales' model seen in Australia which is to have grossly inflated margins and then only sell them at a reasonable price (i.e. 40, 50, 60% off!) on holiday weekends etc.  All year, all of our customers save heaps an occasionally a little more than heaps!