Thank you choosing Napp Prestige, Napp Adjustable is a genuine family business.

Run by the Bremner family in Australia and by the extended Erskine family in New Zealand.

Both businesses are proud to support local workers and industry (A.H.Beard Australia, A.H.Beard New Zealand and Joyce Foams Australia). Yes, we could improve our bottom line by bringing in container after container from halfway around the world, but that doesn’t sit well with our principles or the environment.

Supporting local has worked well for our family business and for our customers for more than 40 years, thanks for helping to keep it going!

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Napp Prestige Mattress.


Take your compressed and rolled Prestige Mattress out of the box and put on your base, bed frame or Adjustable Base.


Carefully cut open (scissors are best) the outer plastic cover first so you can roll the Mattress out. Then cut open one end so the Mattress starts to recover/packaging fills up with air.


The Prestige Mattress will recover most of its shape in the first few minutes. After an hour it will be 90 to 95% recovered and ready to sleep on if needed. Full recovery can take an hour or two more, through to most of the day (depends on how long it has been packed/stored).


If you are quite sensitive to new smell you may wish to air it for the rest of the day before making it up. Please be assured, ALL foams used in the Napp Prestige Range are made by the most technologically advanced process in Australasia for removing off-gasses.


For the long term even wear of your Napp Prestige Mattress; Turn end to end weekly for the first month and then on a seasonal (three months) basis. Pleasant sleeping 😊

Something to go with your Mattress/Bed?

It would have been easier to send together, however it isn't too late to add an Adjustable Base! Four models to choose from, see if one may appeal to you.

Need a Mattress Protector?

We try to keep these in stock and at less than normal retail, we can send you one out pretty quickly if needed.

Specialist linen for your Adjustable Bed?

Napp offers sheeting made specifically for Split Adjustable Beds. Well-fitting options in the correct sizes and even butterfly sheets for those that like to cuddle! Linen made in NZ and Australia respectively.

Finish the look?

We offer a range of stylish and well-made Headboards. Made in NZ for the New Zealand market and in Australia for Australia. A range of styles and colours available.

Five tips to help you enjoy a great sleep


Try to stick to a schedule your body and mind respond well to going to bed and getting up at the same time.


Finish eating well before your bed  time. In the afternoon/evening try to avoid foods and drinks that are high in sugar or caffeine.


Make your bedroom your sanctuary tidy, dark (with the lights off) and quiet. Select linen that is stylish, comfortable and suitable forthe  season.


Go to bed with a settled mind. It is a good idea to have a list of your key tasks or to-dos for the next day. Jot them down before you settle so they aren't running through your mind.


Have a super comfortable and supportive mattress... ticked that one!

See why our customers love their Napp Mattress

Love love love this product

I purchased 2 x king single and 1 x double bed with prestige plus mattresses for each for my 3 kids and they are absolutely in love with them. The delivery crew were super friendly and they even unpack everything and take away the rubbish. Awesome quality materials and highly recommended.

Rebecca. Australia

Enrich Napp Bed

Excellent experience from initial enquiry with Bridget from Napp Beds to delivery and then the absolute best sleep I've experienced, comfortable and luxurious in my experience it's the ultimate bed.

John. Australia

Life Changing

Due to medical and mobility challenges, a bed with adjustability, horizontal lifting and a high weight capacity had become a necessity. After figuring out the best leg height, the Uplift bed with premium medium mattress has been a life changer. I'm sleeping fully and safely, achieving the recommended 7-8 hours a night again after nearly 3 years of poor sleep. I am regaining my energy for everyday things and no longer fall asleep during the day - unless I'm taking a sneaky snooze on my new bed! Brendan and Kiri were incredibly patient with the ton of questions we had, and made the purchase process incredibly simple and straightforward. Thanks Napp, you've given me back a necessary part of life.

Charlotte &. New Zealand

A great Napp!! And sleep too!!

We love this mattress so much. It is just the right firmness for us. It is cooler than the last mattress we had which is ideal for me as a hot sleeper! We purchased this in between Christmas and New Year and Brendan’s customer service was incredible. Helpful and responsive. Courier used was also great with communication and on time. I would absolutely recommend this mattress.

Jo. New Zealand